Hope Restored Canada’s Annual Summit for Eradicating Sexual Exploitation in Canada

Hope Restored Canada is excited to host this year’s annual Summit in order for us to grow in hope, become equipped, and respond to this local issue.

The summit is an opportunity for our communities, businesses, and members of HRC to be educated on the problem of sexual exploitation, and how we can work together to eradicate human trafficking in our communities and country! The event will feature amazing speakers from across Canada, stories of survivors, and highlight the work of our committed volunteers at HRC!

HRC Summit 2019.jpg

Our Approach


Holistic Restoration

Seeing each person restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by providing individualized care with mentorship, housing options, and practical support.



Building authentic relationships by extending compassion, empathy, holistic support, and caring intervention.



Together with our members and donors, we collaborate with service providers and parallel organizations. Partner with us, become a member or an advocate today! 



Informing and influencing individuals about the systemic and systematic causes and effects of sexual exploitation and trafficking that leads to preventative action.

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