“This [was] the most important 3 hours of my life, everyone needs to take this class”.

Street Smart Defender Training

Street Smart Defender is based on the belief that everyone has the right to feel safe. Nobody should have to live their life in fear. Hope Restored Canada wants to equip all with the Street Smart Defender program empowering all to feel confident and equipped to deal with any situation that may come.  

This program is unique and specifically design to give people skills to get away for someone who is trying to attack them. During this 3 hour class each participant will take 4 simple moves they have done since birth and weaponize them to be used in case of an attack. As a part of the class each participant will practice these moves with a slight amount of stress added to the situation to create different avenues in your brain that will lock in this reaction. 

“I actually feel empowered that I could fight back even though I’m so small”.