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I turned the brass doorknob and pushed the door forward to enter in to the warmth of air of the entry way. It was cold out today and the heat from the building surrounded me like a warm hug. The yellowish glow from the light above my head illuminated the mat on the floor that welcomed me into the room. There was the soft humming of the fridge, where I grabbed the coffee cream before continuing to switch the coffee maker on.  As I turned the corner to the dining room, I noticed the warm cinnamon Christmas candle that was just waiting to fill the room with the fragrance of the season. After lighting the candle, I retired to the living room with my freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. I grabbed my favourite thickly knit blanket and curled up on the couch to settle in for the evening. It was a busy day, but now I was home.

It’s a pretty cozy picture of what I imagine home should be, especially during the cold winter months in Canada. For me, this is home. It’s more than just a building, it’s the feeling I gain was I walk into the familiar and safe space. It is a place where I belong and be I can be free.

For so many people in our communities, the experience of home isn’t part of their daily reality. This needs to change. Hope Restored Canada is committed to opening our first restoration home in Saskatoon in the coming year, so that when a survivor of sex trafficking walks through the doors and into our care, we will welcome them home. Our goal is for every woman who enters in to feel safe, to feel like they belong, and to have hope for the future.

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So what is hope?

It’s a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It’s an aspiration, a wish, an ambition, a goal...

We can loose a sense of hope if left up to ourselves, but when we think of others and their needs, something happens within our own hearts and minds. Having empathy and compassion is a gift we can instil in ourselves and loved ones by simply doing something tangible in the life of another to bring hope this Christmas season.

How can you share hope?

2019 brings forth new and exciting ways we can engage in the call to Give a Gift of Hope as we are setting to launch our recovery program next year! Although we continue to take donations of products, gift cards, and items to those we reach ‘just because’, we have other ways you can give a gift of hope this year!

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We have started a few gift registries that support our emerging office/program space, alongside some basic items that will be utilized in the transitional homes that we so desperately needed in our communities. Please help us to do what it takes to create a place of hope and home.


Or to make a cash donation in support your year end giving goals, please follow the link to our Canada Helps page, or give directly in person to HRC.

No matter how you are led to Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas, know that we appreciate your generosity this holiday season!