This June, Help Us Change the Story

This June, Help Us Change the Story

Stories. Every person, community and culture has one. And this June, we invite you to help us change the stories of the vulnerable and exploited in our nation.

We know that, for far too many individuals around the world, sexual exploitation is a thread woven through their stories. We also know that sex trafficking is an inexcusable part of Canada’s story. Sex trafficking happens here, every day and in nearly every city.

Awareness Leads to Action

Education is the first step in eradicating sexual exploitation and trafficking. Hope Restored Canada member Cassie shares a glimpse of her experiences traveling internationally and being awakened to the travesty of women young and old being sexually exploited and trafficked. She then went on to receive her bachelor of social work with an added emphasis in studying this area of injustice. Now an outreach worker, she has first-hand experience with the enormous complexity of the issue both here in Canada and abroad.

4 Minutes 51 Seconds