Change the Story - What Can You Do?

You’ve heard the statistics. You’re familiar with the numbers. But you know there is more to the heinous issue of sex trafficking than the daunting figures. How can we partner in restoration with those affected by sex trafficking, as we together create a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationships?

Healing happens where you are, in the heart, and at home. We recognize the profound amount of healing that is needed for the survivors, perpetrators, and all others involved in the industry of sex trafficking.

Cities like Saskatoon function as a recruitment location for individuals who are then lured, tricked, and coerced into the sex industry. Many of these individuals are underage, as the average age of entry for sexually trafficked people in Canada is approximately 14 years old but can often begin even younger. These people, approximately 93% of which are women, are denied healthy safe environments to learn, grow, live and thrive. 

Why Our Work Matters

Our commitment to eradicating sexual exploitation is affirmed whenever our outreach volunteer team gets the chance to connect with a trafficking survivor. The statistics can blind us from the personal stories of each trafficked person, and Hope Restored Canada is grateful for the opportunity to connect with these individuals and learn about each of their journeys.

Our strategic outreach approach focuses on connecting with exploited people through visiting massage parlous, by text and in person, and running a national hotline where those in the life can reach out 24/7. Our team also provides hotel's awareness and education on the issue as it relates to the hospitality industry. With every individual, we hear their personal story with their unique dreams, challenges, experiences, circumstances, and hopes and dreams are reminded of the highly individualized approach necessary for holistic restoration. Putting an end to sex trafficking requires a robust and comprehensive response from us all. 

One story that sticks out is Megan's. We connected with Megan through our texting outreach. Megan, 20 years old, dropped out of high school at the same time as she started working in the industry and, not so coincidentally, the same time she started dating her current boyfriend. Her boyfriend, much older than her, and was from a large Canadian City. Throughout our conversation we observed in her stories the sheer isolation that Megan experienced despite having grown up and still living in the same city her whole life. She had no friends, no family, and no connections other than through her work. As the meeting went on, we began to visibly see signs of her boyfriend’s intense control over her life. We were able to keep in contact with Megan over the next number of weeks , and she expressed deep thankfulness to have met us and for the gift we gave her. As the weeks went on, slowly she stopped replying. We didn't want to force anything, because her situation was sensitive- as she was being controlled and isolated. We knew she was moving out of province, but didn't know if we would hear from her again. A number of months later Megan reached out over text message letting us know what city she is in, and that she is no longer with her boyfriend as he replaced her with a younger girl.  We still are in relationship with Megan and continue to connect via text messages to encourage and love her.

*Name changed in an effort to avoid re-exploitation or unwarranted exposure.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has
— Margaret Mead

What you can do!

We invite you to help change the story of the exploited and trafficked in our nation. As our team gears up for the coming year , we need many individuals and communities to link arms and join our efforts to bring hope and restoration to the many individuals caught up in sex slavery. 

What can you do? Here are a number of options to choose from this fall:

Advocate through Fundraising:

Local Events: Consider putting on an event in your community to raise awareness for our mission or raise some necessary funds to further our cause.  We love it when individuals, groups or businesses come up with great ideas to host an event to advocate or raise funds for HRC. There has been great ideas like the Polar Dip, Fun Run's, and even a pancake breakfast coming up August 18th at Kennedy's Parables in Saskatoon!

Need some inspiration?

Events like "Give it the Boot" is one such event happening once again in Saskatoon on Sunday September 23rd at the Red Barn- Willows Golf and Country Club. This year is being hosted by a local BNI chapter "Business Elite", and we are inspired by their efforts to link arms with HRC. Tickets are on sale now for the event.

National Events: Ride for Refuge is happening across Canada on Saturday September 29th. We invite you to sign up online to participate in your city or donate to an individual or a team supporting Hope Restored Canada!


Become a Member or Volunteer

Consider becoming a Member or Volunteer of Hope Restored Canada to help expand our mission in your city and community! We currently have over 120 members in various cities throughout Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta and our aim is to expand our collective voice of men and women, and organizations throughout this nation. We are better together! There are a number of ways to engage with HRC throughout the year through advocacy and outreach. Your voice matters, your actions matters. We can't eradicate sex trafficking on our own. Together, we can change the story of the trafficked and exploit in this nation!

Every donation counts! Currently, we are looking for 40 people to donate any amount between $10 - $500 monthly to help us meet some of our operational goals for 2018/2019. Please take time to consider if you are one of these people!