Growth & Resilience in the Fight to End Sex Trafficking

Our winters are long here in Canada yet hope arises as spring's promises of warmer temps and new growth draws near. Winter often seems like a season to rest and recalibrate, as roots lay dormant under the quiet covers of cold snow. Surely there's much to receive in every season, but the freshness of spring is always a particular treasure. Blooming flowers and young grass have much to teach us, especially about growth.


The growth of our surroundings seems to suggest a few things: 

  • growth always comes up against resistance, and requires breaking new ground- how resilient we must be! 
  • to grow means to progress further in unfamiliar territory, which opposes complacency
  • growth often requires trust in the process, having confidence that one day we will finally reach sunlight even while we find ourselves still underground 
  • growth in a positive direction, will always, always, result in something beautiful 

May these serve us all as encouraging reminders to nourish our hope and support us in the fight to end sexual exploitation. 


HRC believes that we must continue to grow together in our awareness, passion, and response to human trafficking to truly put an end to this horrendous reality.

You need to learn about what happened to me and take the blindfold off your eyes. Doing nothing puts countless girls at risk of being trafficked for years.
— Karla Jacinto (Survivor)*

A vital component of this fight is not only responding to exploitation but also actively working to prevent exploitation. This includes not only educating ourselves and our communities on how to recognize warnings of sex trafficking but also preventing the demand that fuels the industry.  This resilience of heart pushes past the darkness and chooses to hope for a better world. 


Upcoming Event

We invite you to join us next Thursday, April 19th from 7:30-9:30pm at the Rawlco Radio Hall (Backstage Back Room) at the Remai Arts Centre (Persephone Theatre) for Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.  We are looking forward to engaging conversations with a representative from Saskatoon Family Services how healthy relationships and healthy families can help in the prevention of sex trafficking and a rep from Saskatchewan Child Advocates to share about their mission and philosophy in bringing about systemic changes. There will also be a presentation on "Recognizing the Signs" to equip our communities on some of the "red flags" of sex trafficking, and we are very excited to hear a story about how HRC's Skip For Hope has empowered and inspired a young advocate in the fight towards ending sexual exploitation!  Click here to learn more about the event and make plans to attend in person or online.


We are committed to creating a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship.

Will you join us? 


*(Karla Jacinto is a survivor of sex trafficking and a brave advocate whose testimony supported H.R. 515 (Megan's Law) to require US cooperation and information sharing in international trafficking cases).