You're Not Alone

What is a "John"? How do they get there? 

It’s a process to try and help the men to understand why they did what they did

Albert Brown has led over 88 "John Schools"* thus far. He shares candidly of the story that drew him into the restorative justice movement addressing sex trafficking. Little attention is given in the abolition world to address the buyers of sex.

In Canada, buying sex is a crime as we've adopted a form of the "Nordic Model" (See Canadian Laws Bill C36 Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act). As we seek to bring hope and restoration to trafficked victims and seek to prevent sexual exploitation from happening in the first place...Hope Restored Canada helps to shed a light on the other side of sexual exploitation. If there wasn't the demand for paid sex, we wouldn't have the worldwide epidemic of sex trafficking grow as rampant as it has over the generations.

When they (Johns) pay for it, they think they own that person...

Many of our team members at Hope Restored Canada have sat in on one of Albert's John schools as guests (and have signed a confidentiality agreement to protect the identity of those in attendance.) We were deeply moved by the layout of the course and all the presenters chosen by Albert to present from a variety of vocations and experiences. The ultimate goal is for the individual to not re-offend and for them to reach out and seek help, wholeness, and restoration. Healthy persons and healthy relationships are the end goal for this type of "John School, not just a slap on the wrist. Our desire at Hope Restored Canada is that all men and women caught up in the lair of sex trafficking would find freedom and restoration from the darkness no matter which side of oppression they are facing. Both the abusers/perpetrators and victims of sexual exploitation are in various forms of slavery. 

There’s all kind of stories, there’s no definitive picture of ‘what is a john,’ or how did the John get on the street. Every walk of life... we’ve had them.

*For Canadian Social Service Agencies/ Police/ RCMP *If you don't have a "john school" in your city and would like a speaker/ leader like Albert to come to help train and build up a team in your area to do so (or strengthen an already existing school) feel free to contact us. 306-371-4673 (HOPE)