Movies that Stir us to Action. Q&A

We learn through story. Movies, documentaries tell the human story that drives us to think or feel in such a way that can influence us to act differently- good or evil. 

Recently, Hope Restored Canada hosted our first film screening which featured "She Has A Name" by Unveil Studios. The challenge remains to educate our communities that sexual exploitation not only occurs globally, but in our Canadian context as well. To help bridge that conversation,  after the film we featured a talk-balk panel featuring leaders from the community. This included a an outreach worker, a case worker for an assisted living organization who also was formally trafficked in Canada as well as the leader of the John School in Saskatoon hosted by the Salvation Army.

Rich Conversation, Incredible Stories of Bravery

The audience was given a chance to ask questions through the moderator and  panel. Here are those questions that were raised that night along with our response:


  1. “ I really like what you are saying about how we see and treat people. (Addressing the topic of “Degradation”). Do you think the method of “Swiping Right” used in tinder subconsciously contributes to the mindset of commodifying people?”

    • Great question. You truly answered your question in this statement! Although social media has been an incredible tool to connect people and relationships across the globe, it has also been a tool that has desensitized our culture to treat others like a commodity. 

      Hope Restored Canada’s Definition of Degradation: The degrading of one’s identity and the desensitization of one’s sexuality through demeaning thoughts and misuse of one’s words, that lead to abusive or oppressive actions.

    • By inwardly reflecting on how we view people, especially those trapped in slavery, we will grow a deeper understanding to the systemic and systematic root causes of human trafficking and exploitation. This journey includes how we view ourself through our own thoughts, words, and actions as it contributes to how you view and treat others.

  2. “From the beginning of the movie, we see the justice system is corrupt with cops  and Government officials sometimes involved in the corruption! How can we pursue justice when there are barriers from the top? What needs to change?

    •  We hear what you are saying! The reality that those in authority should be the first ones we trust, not the last. In our steering team phase the first year of our organizational formation, we have been encouraged by the many organizations, non profits and culture changers who are doing what they can to bring justice to light on all fronts.  As the movie paints the reality of corruption, it also highlights those who are diligently seeking to bring hope, justice and restoration to "the one".

    • We must cultivate a culture of honour in order to see hope established in all levels of society.  Doing so allows for healthy connections in our communities which in turn affects all facets of society. Dishonour is a form of degradation.  Honouring transforms a person’s life. In our introductory Training for Hope Restored Canada, we reflect on the four levels of authority in our world and how honour affects our effectiveness to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Civil-Faith-Social-Family. We also value Faith as one of our core values and believe that there is a higher power above governments and civil authorities that we will all be accountable to when we leave this earth. Our world is filled with incredible leaders but is also filled with corrupt leaders and systems that absolutely contribute to the corruption! It is disheartening at times... They can change, no person, country, or government is without  hope, but we cannot change another's self will. What we can trust is that there is One who will make all things right in the end. Don't give up hope in the meantime. Honouring, praying for leaders and government will help create a pathway to restoration.

  3. “If the person's’ “home life” often affects their vulnerability, what is being done to fix this?”

    • There are no pat answer for this extremely sensitive topic as each family has it's own set of challenges that contribute to vulnerability factors.  Hope Restored Canada's core values begins with the transformation in the heart, family and world and in that core rank order. We believe the family should be the most safe and secure place to prevent sex trafficking and not be the breeding ground for it. In our training, we unpack our core need to belong. This foundation helps us discern more accurately the world of deception that fuels the commercial sex industry. As we examine the stages of commercial sexual exploitation, we can Identify vulnerability factors and sex trafficking warning signs/indicators in the family and support families in our communities so their children will not become another statistic.

  4. “How Does the Legalization of Prostitution affect Human Trafficking, especially of Children (in Canada)?”

    • Bill C- 36 (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act) is a critical first step in changing the paradigm of how prostitution is addressed in Canada, in law, in policy, and ultimately, in public attitude. The Preamble to the legislation conveys clearly that prostitution is harmful to individuals and communities, that it needs to be discouraged and that human dignity must be protected.  It identifies that the purchase of sex creates a demand for prostitution and is therefore prohibited. The proposed law has the following objectives:

      1)  Reducing the demand for sexual services

      2) Protecting those who sell their sexual services from exploitation

      3) Protecting communities from the harms caused by prostitution.

      Bill C-36 recognizes the multiple challenges that prostituted people experience and their vulnerability to exploitation.  The intent of the legislation is to protect them from exploitation and not to hold them criminally responsible…. 

      The laws of Canada have changed over the years to reflect more of an Abolitionist perspective and have adopted our own form of the "Nordic Model". Although the laws (and the enforcement of them) aren't perfect, there has been been great strides in the protection of children and all those sexually exploited persons of any age. To help understand the laws more readily, we have added a page on our website called "Canadian Laws" which was created for our Introductory Training Module 1 for Hope Restored Canada. Click here to learn more

  5. “How has the porn industry affected the Trafficking issue?”

    • Each of the panelists agreed that porn is at an all time high/ epidemic proportion that has wrecked relationships, stripped people of their dignity and has contributed to the demand for paid sex in our community.
    • There is now clear scientific data and statistics available to the public that proves a direct linkage to pornography and how it fuels the trafficking industry. 
    •  We are grateful for the many resources now available to educate parents, faith communities, service providers and businesses alike.  When we become educated on the damaging affects pornography has on the brain, relationships and how it contributes to commodifying people, we begin to see how lives are being ruined by a click of a mouse. Gone are the days of the label of "Dirty old men" watching porn on VCR tapes or hiding a playboy/playgirl magazine under one's mattress, it extremely accessible on our devices that children as young as 9 years old can become addicted. 
    • Grateful for film producers Hope for the Sold who have produced "Over 18", a documentary on Pornography. We will be featuring that film in multiple locations in the coming year including June 7th at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, click here to learn more:

There are movies that entertain, movies that educate and movies that change us. Hosting She has a Name and the depth of questions for our Q and A  was a clear sign that our culture is hungry for a better world. We were created for more.  Join with us as we embark on our vision to "Create a World where Humanity is Renewed and Restored in Healthy Relationship."

Follow our story as we boldly go into new territory to band together to lean towards our mission which is "Eradicating Sexual Exploitation through our HOPE Model. Click here to learn more about that!