She Has a Name...

The global sex trade industry makes $40 billion a year selling women, children, and men as much as 15 times a day for their bodies. Of the two million people the UN reports are exploited in the commercial sex trade every year, less than 1% are rescued. This heartbreaking story and the shocking statistics inspired the filmmakers to create She Has A Name to bring awareness to this global issue.

As we address Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, Education is a major component of what Hope Restored Canada is all about. We are thrilled to host Saskatchewan's premier screening of "She Has a Name" on Wednesday, May 3rd in Saskatoon At the Broadway Theatre- click here for more information and to purchase tickets!


Canada is not exempt.

After the movie on Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:45pm at the Broadway Theatre, HRC will feature a local talkback panel with leaders Cassie (outreach worker with Egadz), Sheila (Case worker with the Lighthouse), and Albert (Founder/director of Saskatoon's John School and Salvation Army's halfway house for men). To learn more- click here:

One of the most effective weapons against this injustice is education. It begins with us, being aware of this injustice and doing all we can to prevent it from happening in our own lives, families, workplaces, communities. Our panel of industry professionals have first hand experience with reaching out to those exploited individuals here locally. They are great examples of ordinary people making an extraordinary impact to the most vulnerable population in our midst. But- It isn't just up to the professionals to take action or address this issue, it takes all of us.  We can all do our part to #endhumantrafficking by simply becoming educated- and then taking the next step.  That step is going to look different to everybody, but we simply cannot turn a blind eye any longer.

O Canada, it is our responsibility to stand on guard for thee!

If you are in the Saskatoon Area and want to join us on Wednesday May 3rd, register online.