Better Together! Becoming one of our founding members!

We are all called to reach beyond ourselves and share our gifts, talents, resources and experiences for the sake of others. Our charity is geared to support just that! Step by step, we are making progress towards our vision in mission to impact our communities with hope.


Better Together: Training on Heart, Family, World!

Addressing Sex Trafficking and Exploitation cannot be addressed without self reflection first. We have embarked on that journey with our 4 week pilot introductory training. We look forward to repeating it throughout the year both internally in person in Saskatoon, by webinar, or by invitation in a number of formats. More to come on that! Although the topic is a challenging one, by hearing  stories of real life Canadians who have been directly affected by sex trafficking, it awakens the abolitionist in many to become more fully alive as co-creators for Hope Restored Canada. We seek to engage individuals on this issue by reflecting in our own hearts, how we interact with families and ultimately how we impact the world!

In that, we echo the words of famous abolitionist William Wilberforce who said:

If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.
— William Wilberforce (1759-1833)


Better Together: Training on Degradation, Exploitation and Trafficking

As a part of our observation training, 5 of our members ventured down to Houston during Super Bowl week for the Justice Rally to strengthen our missional outreach component of HRC.  Thanks for all who have supported this campaign! Here is a word from one of the leaders:

“Our time in Houston was one full of much emotion, learning, praying, connecting with other organizations, and getting out there to simply do outreach with great courage and love.  I really value each unique session and opportunity we had, and as we come home I have a renewed Hope that all things are possible!”


We look forward to sharing with you more stories along the way. Stories of personal connection to the cause and stories of lives transformed. It is our desire to inspire  all Canadians to do their part to #endhumantrafficking both globally and right here in our beautiful nation.

Towards the end of our 4 week training, it was truly inspiring to connect with hundreds of abolitionists at the Justice Rally in Houston Texas during Super Bowl week. It was there that many solitified that our organization must be geared towards both the buyers and perpetrators of trafficking and exploitation as well as it's victims. The statistics are staggering, the darkness is looming, but hope's light cannot be snuffed out because of that reality.

Venturing back home to the great white north, we were encouraged by the recent newsflash and celebrate with our neighbours south of the border with their Super Bowl sex trafficking sting. Police rescued 73 adult and 3 juvenile victims! Eradicating sexual exploitation begins with addressing the root of the problem: Degradation & Demand. Click here to learn more


Better Together: Membership Engagement

 You may ask, how does all of this effect you? We are now gearing up for our Annual General Meeting on March 11th, and we are thrilled to engage many men and women in our cause to impact this nation with Hope! 

To learn more and to consider applying to become one of our founding members as an individual or an organization!  Click here to apply:  For those individuals who are confirmed as members through this process, an invitation will be sent to formally invite you to join us that day with the locale and time of that gathering!