2017, A Year in Review

Taking the time to reflect by Sharing some photos and highlights from Hope Restored Canada in 2017:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.
— Bill Keane


Holistic Restoration Highlights

Seeing each person restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by providing individualized care with mentorship, housing options and practical support.

  • This past year, we've adopted incredible resources and curriculum to train, support and empower survivor leaders. Our dream is to rise up many leaders to be ready and accessible to play a major role in our holistic restoration arm of HRC. 

  • In 2017, we've begun sharing our 78 page HRC’s Need and Demand Assessment for housing options for victims of human trafficking with donors and grant applications Click here to view.

  • 2017 began our journey of developing partnerships  which includes forging a partnership with a housing expert in Saskatoon to launch our first phase housing project to open in 2018.  Details to come!


Outreach Highlights

Outreach: Building authentic relationships by extending compassion, empathy, holistic support and caring intervention

  • One year ago, some core HRC team members travelled to Houston during Superbowl week for outreach training for 4 days. Valuable experience, incredible mentorship to launch in Canada.
  • This past spring, we began to offer training to expand our outreach efforts including raising up city leaders. We'll offer hotline training in 2018 . 
  • December's event "Give the Gift of Hope" was focused on outreach and was a huge success.  Generous donations of gift items to support our outreach teams initiatives was accepted with much gratitude.. Thanks to all the individuals, groups and businesses who contributed. One highlighted story from the outreach team:
We met a lady on the street and told her we had a gift for her. As we gave her the purse with the journal, scarf, beauty products, hygiene products, and more she became ecstatic! She was overwhelmed and hugged the outreach workers and exclaimed: ‘this is the only Christmas gift I’ve ever received. Leaving the encounter, she was practically floating down the street, utterly filled with JOY!
— HRC Outreach leader

To learn more about other ways to give to HRC, visit our website and click Act Now.


Partnership Highlights

Partnership: Together with our members and donors, we collaborate with service providers and parallel organizations.

  • In 2017, we have welcomed and affirmed 75 men and women from across three provinces as our founding members. Our aim is to have members from across our nation with various expertise, experiences with great diversity who have a desire to fulfill our vision and mission in this nation. To partner with us by becoming an HRC member, Click here.

  • This past year, our  team is working with our board of directors to build our donor base through various ways including events and through our online platform Canada Helps

  • Partnerships also includes developing relationships with service providers and parallel organizations. We've began that journey and will prioritize that more in the coming year.

  • We have reached out to the Canadian Center to End Human Trafficking and are thrilled at their progress!  Check out their site as we  are listed as a SK Organization on there. CCEHT website 


Education Highlights

Education: Informing and influencing individuals about the systemic and systematic causes and effects of sexual exploitation and trafficking that leads to preventative action.

  • 2017 was our launch year in many ways including offering our HRC Introductory training module 1 in person and online. To download, Click here.

  • In the spring, we began raining our volunteers through our Module 2. Interested in learning more? Click here.   Mod 2 dates are posted online for 2018 which repeats February 3rd, March 2nd and May 26th 2018. 

  • We offered four HRC Coffee House events in the spring hosted at our office building. A great way to learn about HRC, our cause in a fun/ relaxed way with music, food and a short presentation. 

  • This summer, we filmed four HRC members sharing their stories which included Albert who  has led over 88 John Schools, Sheila  a survivor of sexual exploitation, Ed who lost his daughter to the violence of sex trafficking in B.C., and Cassie who serves with restorative care and outreach experience serving both locally and internationally. Missed their stories? Click here to watch, and check out the resource or stories section of our website.

  •  2017 provided opportunities to present short or longer presentations upon request. Click here to host an HRC or invite a speaker. Education is key in prevention, awareness and provide action to combat sex trafficking in our nation.

  • We hosted a FUNDraiser fundraising event “Give it the Boot” on September 17th and had a ton of fun. Check out the blog recap of that fun event with music by Juneau Alaska, a pie auction and more! It was our way to engage our community that we can all do something to help Stomp out trafficking!

  • This year, we've identified various city advocates to expand our reach and to help bring awareness of trafficking in one’s community. We are working to provide training in the coming year to engage others in this way.

  • This past fall, we began monthly events hosted at the Remai Arts centre, home of Persephone which are free and open to the public in the backstage room. They are listed on our “Events” section of our website.

  • 2017 was an incredible year to take a leap of faith and set the date for an annual conference. The first one being Saturday March 3rd in the main theatre of Persephone. More details will be available in January with speaker bios and the cut off for early registration will be February 15th 2018. Click here to for info on the Summit.

To all those who have journeyed with us this launch year, we say thank you! As we prepare to enter 2018- and envision another year with focused attention towards our vision and mission, we invite you to dream with us, join us in this work as we can all do our part to end human trafficking! Be it membership, partnership, sponsorship, volunteering, donating items or any number of innovative ideas to bring about change- we look forward to connecting in the New Year!

The team at Hope Restored Canada