The Gift of Hope

Now faith is the confidence of what we hope for, the evidence of what we do not see


This Christmas, the team at Hope Restored Canada is excited to partner with you in


Faith ... Hope ... & Restoration

This Christmas:

  • we  believe that the principles of faith-hope-and love can prevail and alter the current grim reality where commercial sexual exploitation robs people of their true identity. 
  • we grow in confidence that the vision set before us for healthy relationships is possible and attainable for all as we address the root of exploitation and trafficking.
  • we are on a mission where we continue to offer hope to hundreds immersed in the travesty of modern day slavery which includes both those who are exploited, and those who exploit others through buying and selling. 
  • we see evidence all around where each and every soul is destined for hope restored as we  learn from those who have experienced profound restoration from their past lives steeped in sex slavery as well as those individuals our outreach teams connect with who are in "the life". 
  • we celebrate the universal call in this world to love your neighbour as yourself and to do onto others as you would have done to you
  • we herald the call for all to have Hope Restored in our own hearts, families and communities as we can all do our part to end human trafficking. Hope Restored is not about religion, it's about relationship.
A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices
— O Holy Night

In this "weary world"  (as the popular Christmas hymn "O Holy Night" refers to), we continually face injustices and heinous crimes against humanity. Regardless of this reality, our team at HRC refuses to bow down to darkness and despair but ultimately choose hope. Christmas for HRC is not just a commercialized holiday, but a time of year where we have the "thrill of hope" as one day, we'll experience a world where sexual exploitation is ultimately eradicated and filled with healthy relationships. Until that day, we embrace unrelenting faith that gives hope for today and into the future rooted in that eternal mindset.  God has, can and will place eternity in our hearts as a result of that Holy night where Hope was sent down in the form of a baby in a manger. Since that time, many rejoice embracing the most important relationship with the One who sets the captives free, gives beauty for ashes, mercy for mourning and grace for despair.

Hope is a gift designed to keep on giving!

This Christmas, we encourage you to give the gift of hope and partner with us to help others transition to the hope filled life they were meant to live.  Here are ways you can do just that:

  • In the Saskatoon region?  Attend "Give the Gift of Hope"  December 19th and donate items to support our outreach team. Click here to learn more.
  • Pray
  • Act now  and partner with HRC through a variety of means by either becoming a member of HRC, volunteering or giving financially to support our mission. This includes multiplying our advocates and outreach teams across Canada, opening our first restoration home in SK in 2018 among other much needed resources to respond to the call at hand. Click here to respond.


Thank you for leaning in friend. 


Have yourself a Merry Hope Filled Christmas Season!