Support Warriors of Hope at the Justice Rally!

Hope is not a passive word

When we heard the term "Warriors of Hope" when registering 5 HRC leaders for the Outreach Training and Justice Rally in Houston during Superbowl 2017 week, we were reminded that our namesake "Hope Restored Canada" is a powerful message that Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation is not acceptable in our nation. We hope to Create a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship, eradicating sexual exploitation through our Hope Model. (Holistic Restoration, Outreach, Partnership, Education). 

We are joining other warriors of hope in the city of Houston:

One such warrior is named Cat French, a no-nonsense woman with a fiery passion who started the organization Elijah Rising. Cat and her team boldly go where few dare to. Since their founding several years ago, they have helped to rescue over two dozen sex trafficking victims and to shut down over 13 brothels.

Incredibly, the Elijah Rising office now operates out of one of the cantina brothels that they helped to shut down. In addition to running a newly opened healing community for sex industry survivors called Kendleton Farms, the Elijah Rising team does regular prayer initiatives and also partners with a sex trafficking hotline in the city run by the organization Rescue Houston. During regular outreaches, they provide the hotline number to an average of 200 girls per month—of which about 5 per month are said to exit prostitution."- Exodus Cry blogpost 

Step by Step...

2017 is Canada's 150th birthday as a nation. It also marks the year where we here at Hope Restored Canada are well underway in launching our organizational initiatives fighting for freedom, hope, restoration and true equality for all. We are in the midst of developing our membership, training and engaging volunteers to join our team over the course of these first few months. We invite you to partner with us financially to help make this a reality! This campaign is set up for raising funds for launching our Outreach for Hope Restored Canada with a 3 prong approach to training:


PHASE 1: Justice Rally: The Abolitionist Battlefield (Houston, during Superbowl Week)

We are sending 5 HRC leaders to Houston next week for the Exodus Cry/ Elijah Rising Justice Rally during Superbowl week and we need your help! We've created a Canada Helps campaign geared towards raising funds for launching our Outreach Training for Hope Restored Canada with a 3 prong approach: Click the link to learn more and help us make our campaign goal! As we launch and strengthen our programming supporting our HOPE model.

 Click the link to learn more!…/hope-resto…/outreach-training/

Will you join us by partnering with Hope Restored Canada as a warrior of hope? Contact us for ways to engage with us as a founding member, a financial supporter and volunteer opportunities as we kick off with boldness and warring hope in 2017!