The Question is Not Enough

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If your children are connected to the internet, then you’ve probably realized that the world of pornography is just a click away. Studies confirm 90% of boys and 60% of girls are exposed to it before the age 18. How can we protect the innocence of our children?

Over 18 was inspired by a youth worker who was overwhelmed with the amount of teens addicted to pornography and asked Canadian film producers Jared and Michelle Brock to address this issue.  As founders of Hope for the Sold who previously released Red Light Green Light (a documentary on sex trafficking), they readily took up the challenge. Here's the trailer:

Shame and guilt doesn’t change a nation, but hope and restoration does. Our vision: “Creating a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship”

  Hope Restored Canada will be at the second screening in Saskatoon with a display table on Monday, November 28th at 8pm hosted at Ebenezer Baptist Church. More and more abolition organizations are highlighting how pornography addiction is directly related to the need and demand for sex trafficking and is putting out a clarion call to end the demand! From our perspective, restoration begins with us. The way we view humanity in our own hearts and minds and actions contributes to the healing (or the harming) of our nation. 

We are grateful for the work of organizations like Hope for the Sold who are addressing this issue and providing help for men and women lured into pornography's lair and trapped in addiction. Check out their resource section here as they provide links to offer practical help for adults and parents faced with the issue personally. Over 18 is a must see documentary to bring to light this pervasive erosion of Canadian values of equality including the honour, dignity and respect of all human beings. For parents, this will equip you to approach this topic with your kids and will help you find ways to prevent this from happening in your home.

The film has been screened in over 70 locations across Canada. This week they are in SK. Click on the city to learn times and locations of each screening: Regina on November 26th, Swift Current on on November 27th and Saskatoon on November 28th or contact Hope for the Sold to host a screening in your city!


Motion 47

Pornography is not just harmless entertainment without any negative effects on society. “Violent and degrading sexually explicit material, in which the majority of violence is directed at women, is easily accessible to anyone with an access to the internet, without restriction,” noted MP Viersen. “As the medical community has discovered, this is having a significant harmful impact on the mental, emotional and sexual health of children, women and men.” Motion 47 is being raised to address this in Canada to study the harmful effects pornography plays. Here's a link to that news release which was shared on March 8th on International Woman's Day where Canada's theme for 2016 is "Women's Empowerment Leads to Equality".

Pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation does not empower, but inevitably disempowers and breeds oppression.

Do you agree?