Stories of Freedom - One Step at a Time!

We love a good story. Who doesn't long to hear about happy endings where hope abounds and finding triumph over evil? Hope Restored is all about envisioning every person finding hope and restoration on their journey. We were created for healthy relationships, not destructive manipulative ones that destroy our identity and degrade our sexuality. Ultimately, our relationships are meant to bring us life, love, honour, dignity and challenge or inspire us to be the people we were created to be. 

Stories shape hearts and change lives and ultimately we were created to create! So ultimately with our Initiative launch in the coming year, it is our desire to share stories along the way. Personal stories from our leaders of why they are stepping out with us and serving in big ways or small. We'll also  share stories of transformation of Canadians whose Hope has been Restored after facing the stark reality of the effects of slavery. 

Our first story here at Hope Restored Canada involves our community. We are better together when we join hands, hearts and in this case "feet" to stand together in a unified way to take a stand against the injustices that enslave others through the various forms of human trafficking. Yes, it's happening here in Canada friend.

It has been said "One man can chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight." We believe we can all make a difference to overcome life's injustices more effectively when we band together to be a light in the dark places that plague our society. 

Last weekend, we supported the SK Walk for Freedom along with the A21 Campaign joining over 300 cities representing 40 countries. 150 dressed in black walking silently in single file as a symbol of our solidarity to herald the call to end human trafficking in the 21st century. We are supporting this walk because we believe in our vision:

Creating a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship.

Our mission is to eradicate sexual exploitation and trafficking through our HOPE model: Holistic Restoration, Outreach, Partnerships and Education. Connect with us as we join the global movement to #endhumantrafficking here in Canada! To view more photos of the SK #walkforfreedom visit their Facebook page  where we share some photos and highlights our our time together:

  •  Gathering men, women and children together to take a stand.
  •  Gathering with various agencies and organizations who care for exploited people and address the systemic and systematic causes of Trafficking in our communities. 
  • Together, we can all be informed and stand together to be an answer to this injustice. It was an honour to host everyone and support the Walk for Freedom this year.

Click here to learn more about A21

Next year? We hope to gather more organizations and individuals in 2017 who are called to band together to create a wave of compassionate dedication to the cause through one simple step.

       If you have a story to share with us? Contact us as we'd love to hear from you!