Actions Speak Louder- Act Now Canada!

Actions Speak Louder- Act Now Canada!

"Canada's anthem declaring the ‘true north, strong and free’, may proclaim equality for all, but we are far from that desired vision. God created us to live in freedom, unity and equality."

The question is: do we live by that vision in our own lives, families and communities?

Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking is a reality we cannot deny any longer as a nation. This is pure evil that has been tolerated or ignored and this simply cannot be a social justice issue we wish away. The "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" adage doesn't hold any weight when it comes to creating sustainable change, but rather it perpetuates the abuses. Rather, we must embrace the truth that actions speak louder than words. We encourage all Canadians to do their part to end human trafficking! 

This June, Help Us Change the Story

This June, Help Us Change the Story

Stories. Every person, community and culture has one. And this June, we invite you to help us change the stories of the vulnerable and exploited in our nation.

We know that, for far too many individuals around the world, sexual exploitation is a thread woven through their stories. We also know that sex trafficking is an inexcusable part of Canada’s story. Sex trafficking happens here, every day and in nearly every city.

Moving Forward with Hope

Hope Restored Canada was thrilled to host our first Summit earlier this month on March 3rd. It was an incredible time of gathering together with other passionate individuals committed to the end of sexual exploitation. 

We are so grateful for survivors like Natasha Falle and Beatrice Wallace Littlechief who shared with us their stories of experiencing sexual exploitation, exiting the industry, and pursuing holistic healing and restoration. Their stories were incredibly informative and highlighted many of the vulnerabilities that often make individuals more likely to experience trafficking and exploitation. 

We were so appreciative of Gene McConnell, who shared with us about the demand side of sexual exploitation, and helped us to further understand the lives of those who participate as pimps and johns in the industry of sex trafficking. 

Grow in hope, become equipped & respond to eradicate sex trafficking in Canada.

If you were unable to join us for the event, we would encourage you to connect with some of the organizations that joined us at our first annual Summit including: Defend Dignity, Authentic Relationships International, Sex Trade 101, and IMCF.  

So much wisdom and truth was shared at the Summit, and we believe that it was a treasured time of being reminded of the hope that we have in the fight to end sexual exploitation. How incredible to hear from survivors of exploitation and previous johns, who have all experienced holistic restoration- which is exactly what Hope Restored Canada is committed to. The Summit reinforced our passionate dedication to work towards eradicating sexual exploitation & trafficking through our H.O.P.E. model of holistic restoration, outreach, partnerships, and education.

Thank you again for joining us in this fight, whether you were able to attend the Summit with us or follow our work from afar. 

We will soon be announcing our Summit dates for 2019 - stay tuned! 

Grow in Hope, We're In it to End It!

Grow in Hope, We're In it to End It!

Hope anchors and encourages us to keep going even when it’s slow-going, tough-going, and progress seems impossible. When it seems like the odds are stacked against us, we can persevere with joy because we are holding on to a hope. Winters are cold here in Canada (this year is no exception!) but as we head into March and spring is just around the corner, we can have the confident expectation that the days will get longer, the temperatures will rise, and that flowers will come back into bloom.